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Discovering the past

Virtual history games revolutionise history lessons and increase knowledge of historical facts and context among young learners

Exploring the Egyptian pyramids and discovering historical sites and old tombs, that is what a typical holiday in the Middle East might include. Children who have to learn and remember historical or geographical facts would certainly enjoy their learning journey much more if they had some insights or travel experiences about historic places and landmarks.

Now students will be able to explore amazing Egypt as if travelling during the time of pharaoh, according to the makers of the game series 'Assassins Creed'. This is series includes historically themed action games that are designed by hundreds of artists, programmers, designers and historians. The latest game in the series is set in ancient Egypt and is called 'Origins'.

Some 300 ten-year-old pupils have already had the chance to experiment with the new 'Origins' game at the company’s headquarters. In the game, students can interact with each other using a traditional game controller. They even get the chance to explore the life of Egypt through the eyes of Cleopatra or Caesar!

“We give access to a world that was lost. Nobody knows exactly what it was like – this is an interpretation, of course – but it has good foundations in terms of research.” (Jean Guesdon, creative director Assassin’s Creed games)

Many schools embrace the concept of using the cleverly structured video games as a teaching tool. Museums also have set their eye on this technology, hoping to attract more younger and tech savvy visitors.

source: The Guardian

image: Shutterstock


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