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Doomsday Clock

If there is anything on your bucket list, do it now!

We have just moved closer to the end of the world. Thats what the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists with their doomsday clock has said.

The doomsday clock is a symbol that devises just how close humanity is to self-destruction. The clock was created in 1947 by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. a group of scientists and scholars including 15 Nobel laureates are setting the clock every year.

Since then, it has been ‘reset’ multiple times as we have gotten closer to, and also further away from catastrophe.

This year, the clock stands at two minutes to midnight. This means it is half a minute closer than in the previous year. Most notably it is the third closest the clock has ever been to Midnight.

If you have anything left on your bucket list, do it now, because the world is close to annihilation.

The scientists have argued that tensions between Russia and the U.S, the increased pace of North Korea’s nuclear program, disputes in the South China Sea as well as the overwhelming threat of Global Warming are what resulted in the clock shift.

So, what can be done to turn the clock around? Well, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists concluded that, taking more action on climate change, the end to North Korean weapons tests as well as a better US-Russian relationship could lead to a more positive result in the future.

Source: CNN World

image: CNN World

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