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Gold rain in Yakutsk

Gold rained from the sky at a remote air field in Russia last week when an airplane lost part of its cargo during take-off.

On 15 March 2018 an airplane transporting 9.3 tons of precious metals, among them gold, platinum and diamonds, lost part of its cargo during take-off.

The airplane only had taken off from Yakutsk airport in Siberia after a refuelling stop. It was on the way to Krasnoyarsk. The cargo originated from the Kupol mine in Eastern Siberia. The mine is owned by Canadian mining company Kinross Gold.

About one third of the precious cargo rained down on the runway and surrounding fields when a cargo door opened. The gold spread across 26km/16 miles from the airport. The airplane managed to land at a nearby airport and police closed off the area to prevent a 'gold rush'. The cargo is said to have been recovered completely although some locals doubt this and still search for gold in the icy cold.

Siberia is a vast region in the north eastern part of Russia covering over ¾ of Russia's land area, however only 40 million people live there. The region is one of the coldest areas in the world and has extremely long and harsh winters with an average temperature of −25 °C/−13 °F in January.

images: yakutiamedia


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