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Proudly LiSwati

How an African country reclaims its rightful name

Did you know that the African country formerly known as Swaziland reverted its name to its original name? The name change was first introduced by the king on Swaziland's Golden Jubilee, the country's 50th anniversary in April 2018. The name change that came as a surprise even to the residents was welcomed by all.

The kingdom in southern Africa is now called eSwatini, also spelled Eswatini. This name means in the Swazi language 'land of the Swazis'.

The kingdom of Eswatini is ruled by King Mswati III. He ascended the throne in 1986 after his father, the previous king, had died. The African country is an absolute monarchy. The Swazi king has unlimited power and can do what he likes.

While the king and his ministers are considered very wealthy, the majority of people in the country, are extremely poor. Although the living conditions are difficult for most residents, the Swazi people still show a lot of pride of their country and their culture.

Annual festivals such as the Bushfire Festival and the annual Reed Dance are wonderful occasions for them to celebrate their cultural heritage. These events attract visitors from all around the world to the tiny African country.

“We have so many cultural ceremonies that have always attracted throngs of people, and that is where we truly celebrate being LiSwati, the name for the Swazi people!” - Lindokuhle Mthupha, resident of Mbabane.

eSwatini is a country in south-eastern Africa with a population of 1.4 million people. Eswatini has the highest HIV/aids rate in the world. The kingdom is also known for mountainous landscapes and abundant wildlife game reserves. The capital city of eSwatini is called Mbabane.

source: BBC Travel

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