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United Kingdom’s Brexit

Brett is finalised as the UK is not a member of the EU anymore from 1 January 2021

On 1 January 2021 the United Kingdom officially exited the European Union (EU). The United Kingdom was one of the twelve founding members of the European Community the forerunner of the EU in 1992.

In 2018, the British people had decided in a referendum that their country should leave the European Union. Many British felt that their ideas and values were not upheld and that they were treated to their country’s disadvantage by various treaties signed by the EU member countries and called for the ‘Brexit’. The term ‘Brexit’ was formed by the words ‘Britain’ and ‘exit’.

After lengthy debates and struggles to form a legal framework for leaving the European Union, finally on 27 December the main leaving document was signed with the European Union. Still there are many uncertainties how the partnership between the EU and the UK will work out.

Before Brexit, people from all over Europe could work and live in the United Kingdom, while people from the UK could live and work in any of the EU countries without getting a visa. Now this is not as easy anymore, as even travellers and visitors will need a visa to enter the UK or UK citizens must apply for a work visa when working in an EU country. Many businesses in European countries also will have to learn about the many new regulations for conducting business with the UK and treaties with other foreign countries will need to be signed into force. Before Brexit, the UK was part of the European Union that arranged treaties for their member countries with Non-European countries.

The United Kingdom is a country in Northwestern Europe and includes the island of Britain with England, Scotland and Wales as well as Northern Ireland which is located on the island of Ireland. About 80 million people live in the UK. The European Union includes 27 member countries that are located in Europe. About million people live in the EU.

Source: Regina Gräff/Kids World Travel Guide. Read more about the UK and Read more about the EU

Image: Ivan Marc/shutterstock


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